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1 & 3 Corn Street , Leominster , Herefordshire , HR6 8LX

TEL - FAX 01568 612182

Leominster Oldest Carpet and Furnishing Shop

Est over 100 years


    We specialize in fitting carpets, cushionfloors, laminate and real wood   floorings in any domestic or commercial enviorment.

We also have a full range of beds, bedding and bedroom furniture.

Large selection of  towels , tea towels  rugs and matts, curtain poles , rails and other furnishing accessories


A curtain making service from a full range of samples

Vertical, venetian, roller, roman and pleated blinds made to measure and fitted.

You can now view and shop online for carpets, cushionfloors , rugs  and wood floorings by clicking the link below . This will take you to our sister site.http://www.richards-furnishing.co.uk/